Connect with Facebook for great bonuses!

Do you want to link your Facebook account?

Linking with your Facebook account has all sorts of advantages: you can use your player data from the Facebook browser version or transfer your save data to a new device, and you'll even receive 50 e-crystals as a bonus!

*Players can link their data with their Facebook accounts from the smartphone application.

Link Bonuses

  1. Keep your save data when you change Smartphone devices
  2. Share your save data with the smartphone version
  3. You can get 50 e-Crystals! (*only once)
  4. You're playingon Facebook, you can get Special Card:Black Dragon[SR]! (*only once)

About Profile Picture on Facebook

After connecting with your Facebook account, the friends' profile picture on Facebook will be displayed on the map.
If your friend or you are not connecting to Facebook, the leader cards will be displayed instead.

*Never display your profile picture if you don't have Facebook account.


Migrating save data


Players can link their data with a Facebook account in any of 3 places:


Starting Phantom Chronicle: Rush Fire from the beginning on a smartphone



Title Screen [Facebook Acoount] Btton



[Menu] > [Link Facebook]


Copying your data to a new device

Players can copy their save data to a new device by linking with their Facebook account on the new device.

The game will continue using the save data linked to the player's Facebook account.