Because of its popularity, the summon campaign will be extended till 4/1.

For a limited time!
If you summon 10 Phantoms at once, you're guaranteed to get at least 1 new added Phantom from legendary dragons and gladiators!
Period: (in progress) ~ 4/1/2015

Don't miss this chance!


Update Info Ver 1.0.7

- Revised some BG of quest maps.
- Adjusted Summons UI.
- Fixed some minor bugs.


Update Info Ver 1.0.6

- Added the quests 101 ~ 120.
- Added the dragons and the gladiators to Advanced Summon.
- Added the system that is guaranteed to get at least 1 SR or higher card when summon 10 phantom at once.
- Added Limit Break system.
- The stats of Phantoms have been adjusted.


Update Announcement

New quests will be added!
The quest 101~120 will be available.
The Legendary Dragons and Gladiators will be added in Advanced Summon.


Update Info Ver 1.0.5

- Preparation of new functions, cards, quests.

- Added the display of enemies' elements at start of quests.

- Adjusted BG and routes of maps.

- Adjusted the rates of Normal Summon.

- Adjusted EXP of rank.



We have confirmed a problem with summon in tutorial.
As a apology, we have sent 50 e-crystals.

Announcement of Service Termination

" PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE " was end all operation on 12/21/2015.

We would like to thank all of our players who enjoyed the game, and hope to bring everyone more fun games in the future.

Good-Feel Co., Ltd.