The reward of daily mission has changed to 10 times.

The reward of daily mission has changed to 10 times.
You can get up to 100 e-crystals every day.

Challenge the daily missions!


Termination of Sales of charged items.

4:00, November 2, (UTC) Termination of Sales of charged items.
*You may use your owned items by the end of the service.

In time with stopping the sale of charged items, we'll be sending everyone 500 e-Crystals!
Be sure to check your message box.


The release a lot of phantoms to summon!

Phantom Dragon, The Magical knight of Orleans, and other powerful Phantom have been added to "Advanced Summon"!

And, their chance to be summoned is increased!
Now's your chance to get "SR" and "UR" Phantoms!


New quests have been added!

The quest 201-220 are now available.
Trying to challenge!!


Update Info

  • The quest 201 ~ 220 are now available.
  • Adjusted Advanced/Normal summon.
  • Added some phantoms in Advanced/Normal summon.
  • Adjusted daily mission rewards!
  • Adjusted Login bonuses!
  • Adjusted Raid battle stamina.

Announcement of Service Termination

" PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE " was end all operation on 12/21/2015.

We would like to thank all of our players who enjoyed the game, and hope to bring everyone more fun games in the future.

Good-Feel Co., Ltd.