New User Questions

 What kind of game is PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE ?

PHANTOM CHRONICLE is a card battle game where you use a variety of cards called "Phantoms" in simple, yet engaging, fast-paced battles.

 Can I play for free?

Basic play is free.
However, some items that can aid you on your quest are available for purchase.

 What languages does PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE support?

PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE currently supports English and Japanese.

 What OS have been tested to work with PHANTOM CHRONICLE?

This game has been tested on the following operating systems.

  •  Android OS 4.1 to 5.0
  •  iOS 6.0 or later
  •  Windows Vista/7/8

We do not guarantee that this game will operate correctly on other operating systems.

 Are there any restrictions on who can purchase items or on how much money can be spent?

There are no age or money limits on item purchases. Please purchase items responsibly and in moderation.

General Questions about the Game

 What are e-Crystals?

e-Crystals are special items that can be used as continues (during battle) or to obtain higher-grade cards.

 How do I get e-Crystals?

Though you can obtain these by playing the game, purchasing them lets you obtain lots at once.

 Help! I can't start a quest!

You need a certain amount of stamina to embark on a quest. If you do not have enough stamina, either wait for a while or use e-Crystals/items to recover your stamina.

 How do I continue?

If you lose a battle, you can use an e-Crystal to continue playing.

 How do I recover stamina?

Your stamina will recover naturally over time, but you can also use e-Crystals or special items to recover faster.

 Help! I can't proceed to the next quest or area!

You will not be able to proceed to the next quest or area until you have completed each step in the most recent quest you are currently playing, at least once.

Questions about Cards

 What are "cards"?

In the world of PHANTOM CHRONICLE, cards are storage devices that are used to preserve or revive various genetic information, and more.
The kind of creatures that were once limited to the realm of fantasy are stored in cards, ready to fight alongside you and aid you in your quest.

 What kinds of cards are there?

There are Phantom cards that are used in battle, as well as useful item cards that aid you on your quest.

 What is a "deck?"

You can have up to 5 Phantoms engage in a battle; this is called your deck.
Go to the CARDS -> DECK screen to edit your deck.

 What does "cost" mean?

All Phantoms have a certain "cost" to them. If the total combined cost of your Phantoms exceeds your cost capacity, they cannot be put in your deck.
Your cost capacity increases as your player rank rises.

 Help! What do I do when I accidentally sell or fuse a card?

Once you sell a card or use it as fusion material, you cannot restore it.
You can prevent mistakes by selecting the cards you do not want to sell or fuse, and click "LOCK" on the CARDS screen.

 What does "LOCK" do?

Placing a "LOCK" on the cards you do not want to sell or use as fusion material prevents you from doing so accidentally.

 What are "skills"?

フThese are special techniques that Phantoms can use, mainly during battle. They fall into two categories - leader skills, which trigger automatically when a Phantom becomes leader, and skills that trigger every so often during battle.

 How do I get cards?

You can obtain cards from quests and battles. You can also use Guild Points or e-Crystals to Summon cards from SUMMON on the HOME screen.

 How do I increase my card capacity?

You can increase your card capacity by using e-Crystals. Go to the SHOP screen to upgrade your capacity.

 How do I make my Phantoms stronger?

Go to the CARDS -> LEVEL UP screen to level up your Phantom. You can also bring it along on quests to accumulate experience points and raise its level.

 What does "LEVEL UP" do?

Go to the [Cards] > [Level Up] screen to strengthen your existing phantoms. Be aware that any phantoms you set as Material will disappear after strengthening your chosen phantom. Levelling up requires Cores.

 How do I view my items?

On the CARDS screen, press the ITEM Button to view all your items.

 What's the meaning of the letters such as "N" and "R" that appear on the lower-left section of a card?

These indicate the rarity of the card.
The order of rarity, from least to most rare, is "N"->"R"->"SR"->"UR"->"L." Latent abilities also increase in that order.

 Can I sell cards?

Go to the CARDS -> SELL screen to sell unnecessary cards in exchange for Cores.

Questions about Summons

 What are "Summons?"

Summons are a system in which you can use Guild Points or e-Crystals to obtain a random new card.
Go to the Summon screen to perform a summon.

 How do I earn more "Friend Points?"

You can obtain Friend Points by receiving them from friends or as quest rewards.

 What's the difference between "Normal Summons" and "Advanced Summons?"

With Normal Summons, you use Friend Points to summon a Phantom. Advanced Summons, on the other hand, involve using e-Crystals to summon an "R" or higher Phantom. View "Check Details" to see which Phantoms you can summon using each method.

Friends Questions

 How do I expand my roster of friends?

You can send friend invites to users you have taken along as a guest on a quest. If the user accepts the invite, you become friends.
You can send an invite to real-life friends by going to the HOME screen > [Friends] > [Search] and inputting the person's friend code. Friend codes are displayed on the [Search] screen, so have your real-life friend tell you their code.

 How many friends can I have?

There is a limit to how many friends you can add, determined by your player rank. The maximum number of friends is 50.

 How do I receive items sent to me from the administrators or friends?

Go to "Message" via the HOME screen to receive any pending gifts.

 Help! I can't view messages that I was previously able to!

Some messages disappear after a certain period of time.
After that period of time, you can no longer receive your gift.

Questions about Options

 How do I turn off the sound effects/BGM?

You can turn the music and sound effects on or off by going to [Menu] > [Options].

Other Questions

 How do I quit in the middle of battles or quests?

Tap the MENU button in the upper-right of the battle screen, and the quit confirmation screen will appear.
Note that if you quit a battle or quest, you will keep any card experience points earned, but you will lose all other rewards.

 What time zone does PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE use?

PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC 0:00).

I Keep Losing Battles

 I Keep Losing Battles

Depending on how you fight, you can defeat enemies stronger than you, but you may also lose to enemies weaker than you.

 The Trick to Battles (1)

Until you are accustomed to how battles work, keep using Will o' the Wisp's skill to help you out. Other good Phantoms include those with skills that attack multiple enemies at once, or restore all your allies' HP. Try to find these!

 The Trick to Battles (2)

If a Phantom's HP gets low during battle, replace it with one with higher HP. Also, when a Phantom is placed behind another, it takes damage less frequently.

 The Trick to Battles (3)

Arrange Phantoms according to their attributes!
For instance, placing a water Phantom in front of a fire-element enemy will reduce the damage it takes, and increase the damage it delivers!

 The Trick to Battles (4)

Dodge enemy skills!
When an enemy is about to use a skill, its predicted attack range will appear. Before it uses the skill, move any Phantoms in range to safety, or replace them with stronger Phantoms!

 The Trick to Battles (5)

Skill combos deliver increased damage!
After damaging an enemy with a skill, if you damage it again within a certain amount of time, the damage amount will be boosted. Unleash multiple skills one after the other for greater damage.

I Still Keep Losing Battles

 I Still Keep Losing Battles

Strengthen your Phantoms!
Replay quests you have already completed and train up the Phantoms in your deck, or strengthen Phantoms by fusing cards!

 The Trick to Earning EXP (1)

Quests marked with a cave icon contain many enemies, so these are best for training up the Phantoms in your deck. You will do even better if there is a Bonus EXP event going on at the time!

 The Trick to Earning EXP (2)

When fusing cards, use materials with a lot of EXP. Examples include the Red Tome, Red Grimoire, or Red EXP Gem Phantoms, and certain items and Training Programs sometimes received when completing a quest.

 The Trick to Earning EXP (3)

When selecting materials for fusing cards, if you have two low-level Phantoms, first fuse them together to create a higher-level Phantom. This can be used to greater effect in another fusion.

No Really, I'm Hopeless at these Battles

 Other Tricks (1)

Rely on powerful guests or friends, or obtain stronger Phantoms through Advanced Summons, events, and boss drops!

 Other Tricks (2)

Take note of the effects of leader skills. Using a friend's leader skill or rearranging your Phantoms can give you a major advantage.

 Other Tricks (3)

If you still cannot win, just keep continuing and push your way through! Good luck!

Announcement of Service Termination

" PHANTOM CHRONICLE RUSH FIRE " was end all operation on 12/21/2015.

We would like to thank all of our players who enjoyed the game, and hope to bring everyone more fun games in the future.

Good-Feel Co., Ltd.